F A Q' S


Where will my session take place?

  • Family - Your home or outdoor location
  • Newborn - Your home
  • Fresh 48 - Place of birth (hospital, birthing center, home)

  • Legacy - Your home or choice of outdoor location

is my home too dark/disorganized/small?

  • Every type of home has its challenges.  Feel free to pick up, but there's no need to do a deep clean or try to organize everything.  I want to capture a well lived-in home, your home, at this stage of your life.

How are your sessions run?

  • I'll take a few minutes to get to know your children before we begin shooting so they're comfortable.  Don't feel pressured that your child has to perform.
  • I won't ask your family to smile or say cheese.  I won't even ask you to look at the camera.  I want to elicit natural expressions.  If your child does not want to smile, that's okay. 
  • Sessions usually last around 90 minutes.  If need be, we can take a break for a small snack, etc. 


  • I don't use props, however if you have an item that is meaningful to your family we can find a way to incorporate it.

What to wear?

  • Wear whatever you feel makes you look your best.  Layers work well, such as scarves.  It's recommended you avoid super bright colors, large logos/brands, characters, large graphics.  Matchy-matchy is a no-no; you want everyone's personal style to be reflected.


  • You will receive an online gallery where you can download your high-res images and/or order prints.

Can i print the photos myself?

  • Yes.  My packages include a digital download of the images if you find it necessary to print yourself.  That said, I do like to warn people that not all prints are created equal.  A lot of consumer print labs will turn out prints that have strange-looking colors, greenish casts, too much contrast, and don't look the way you'd expect.  Part of what you're paying me for is to edit your images correctly, ensure they print correctly, and using a consumer print lab defeats that purpose.

Can i post the images on social media?

  • Yes, please do.  I love when you want to share with friends and family.  If you do share, please give me photo credit and include a link back to my website or my page within whatever platform you are using.  Most of all, do not apply any additional filters to alter or change the images in any way.

what happens if it rains?

  • Most people don't enjoy being wet and cold, including me!  I try to reschedule to the next day good weather is expected.  I do like to wait until the day of your session to make the final call since weather can be so unpredictable.  If you're someone who enjoys moody images taken on cloudy days, we can go ahead with your session assuming it's light rain forecast.